The accolades trailer for the successful return of the ultimate driver’s journey, Project CARS 2

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and Slightly Mad Studios are pleased to announce the “Accolades” trailer for the critically-acclaimed Project CARS 2, the racing game simulation that was released to unanimous acclaim on the 22nd September 2017.

The “Accolades” trailer is dedicated to racing fans everywhere whose hearts beat to the rapid rhythm of the racing machine.

From here on in, the Ultimate Driver’s Journey, winner of gamescom 2017’s Best Simulation Game award, will evolve with exciting new content, developments, and continue the motorsport tradition that has made Project CARS the number one racing esport franchise.

Stephen Viljoen, Game Director, Project CARS 2: “Those who have followed the development of Project CARS 2 know that we have left no stone unturned in our determination to making this game the kind of experience our fans, both new and old, have been asking for. We have been inspired by the reception of the game by the media—both gaming and motoring—and particularly by the reaction from our fans. The Ultimate Driver’s Journey has returned, but for all of us at the Studio, the journey to continue making the game even better has just begun.”

Project CARS 2 is rated PEGI 3. The game is available for the PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC. Find out more and keep up-to-date at the official Project CARS 2 website: To learn more about BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe’s other products please go to: or follow us on Facebook at or join the conversation at

Five Cars Featured in Project CARS 2 To Become Hot Wheels Diecast Vehicles

Today, Slightly Mad Studios announced that five Hot Wheels cars featured in Project Cars 2 will be made into Hot Wheels diecast cars and available at retailers nationwide beginning fall 2017.

The five Hot Wheels vehicles are currently featured in Project CARS 2 and include three of the world’s most prestigious GT cars—the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 (Team Hot Wheels #68), the Acura NSX GT3 (Advan Racing Team #76), and the Audi R8 LMS (Team Hot Wheels #5). Two additional classics from the motorsport world join this group of high performance race machines with the BMW M1 Procar (Team Project CARS #15), and Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 DTM (Team Hot Wheels #91).

To see the five Hot Wheels inspired vehicles in-game, check out the new Project CARS 2 – Hot Wheels trailer.


Your Ultimate Driver Journey Begins Friday, September 22nd

On Friday September 22nd Project CARS 2 powers its way onto the PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC for the much-anticipated worldwide release of gamescom 2017’s “Best Simulation Game”.

Project CARS 2, the second installment in the critically-acclaimed Project CARS motorsport franchise developed by Slightly Mad Studios, takes the franchise and its fans into a blistering new era of motorsport racing simulation.

With the largest track roster ever seen on console, 29 motorsport series featuring 180+ cars from dozens of elite brands, and four full seasons of grip-altering weather across 140 revolutionary “living” tracks, Project CARS 2 brings home all the authenticity, beauty, and passion of racing action as never before.

To celebrate the September 22nd release comes the Project CARS 2 Launch Trailer that features “Silence”, a track that has been hailed as one of the greatest Trance Anthems of all time, and which has now been revisited by Rhys Fulber, co-founder of the electronica band Delerium, specifically for the Launch Trailer.

Taking the song’s tempo down to 100 BPM to highlight Sarah McLachlan’s sublime vocals, Rhys Fulber has created a new cinematic techno dub remix of “Silence” to welcome 2017’s definitive racing game, Project CARS 2.

Project CARS 2 is rated PEGI 3. The game will be released on 22nd September 2017 for the PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC. Find out more and keep up-to-date at the official Project CARS 2 website: To learn more about BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe’s other products please go to: or follow us on Facebook at or join the conversation at

Experience Mercedes-Benz Driving Events With Project CARS 2 For The Frist Time

Mercedes-Benz Driving Events can now be experienced in a video game for the first time. The new Project CARS™ 2 racing game enables players to demonstrate their skills on the official Driving Events winter training course in Sorsele in northern Sweden on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This special training area, which actually lies on a frozen lake, is now replicated in every detail in Project CARS 2, so players can experience the challenges of the real tracks also virtually. The racing game is developed by globally operating Slightly Mad Studios and published, marketed and distributed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Group. Project CARS 2 will be released on the 22nd September 2017 for PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC.

The official winter training area for Mercedes-Benz Driving Events is located near the Arctic Circle. Perfect ice tracks designed by Formula 1 track architect Hermann Tilke stretch for more than 15 kilometres across a frozen lake in the locality of Sorsele. Year after year, this expertly prepared course offers participants the ideal terrain to train at the highest level in extreme winter conditions under the instruction of experienced professionals. This experience has now been transferred realistically to the Project CARS 2 racing game. As a result, gaming fans from all over the world are able to discover the winter experiences offered by Mercedes-Benz Driving Events at first hand – and at home! In addition to the training course on a frozen lake, Mercedes-Benz is represented in the game by a total of 13 different cars.

To simulate realistic vehicle handling and drifting on the extreme ice tracks for the players, the racing-game experts at Slightly Mad Studios spared no efforts in their close collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and the Driving Events team.

Based on location visits, participation in trainings on ice & snow, data analytics, and discussions with the Driving Events instructors and drivers, the real course and track conditions were successfully transferred almost identically to the game thanks to the complex vehicle physics and audiovisual power of Project CARS 2.
This fusion of game and reality, of real and virtual handling, also comes to the fore in online clips and video features being the central element in a Mercedes-Benz online co-promotion campaign in combination with other social media activities.

The Project CARS 2 trailer is available to watch now:

​For many years, the brand with the star has been a partner of the games industry, and its vehicles are represented in video games for consoles, PC and mobile. Gaming has become an essential part of Mercedes-Benz activities within the branded entertainment sector. Through games, a global audience of millions of young people who like cars discover the fascinating appeal of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Project CARS 2 is rated PEGI 3. The game will be released on 22nd September 2017 for the PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC. Find out more and keep up-to-date at the official Project CARS 2 website: To learn more about BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe’s other products please go to: or follow us on Facebook at or join the conversation at

Pirelli Joins Project CARS 2 to bring the Pirelli World Challenge Series in-game, and Pirelli’s motorsport technology to the franchise

LONDON (Sept. 14, 2017) — Slightly Mad Studios today announced that Pirelli has joined the Project CARS franchise in a technical, promotional, and marketing partnership that brings both Pirelli’s motorsport and tire technology, as well as the North America’s GT-production premiere series, the Pirelli World Challenge, to Project CARS 2.

The Pirelli World Challenge will come with Project CARS 2’s release on September 22nd, bringing all the GT-class action from North America’s top GT car-based racing championship to the game.

Racing with Pirelli tires, the Pirelli World Challenge is North America’s premiere GT-production racing series that travels to numerous Project CARS 2-bound tracks such as Long Beach, Circuit Of The Americas, Road America, as well as Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

The Pirelli World Challenge will be playable in Project CARS 2’s in-game career mode featuring the actual GT3 cars along with their specific liveries.

The technical partnership with Pirelli tires deepens the authenticity that comes with Project CARS 2, gamescom’s Best Simulation Game winner for 2017. With Pirelli’s century-long involvement at the cutting-edge of motorsports and road-tire technology, the technical insights they have brought to the handling and feel of all 180-plus cars in Project CARS 2 has been enormous.

From carcass construction to tire-slip angle curves, from the way tires heat to the way they cut and wear through their rubber thermomechanics, Pirelli’s partnership with the Project CARS franchise means drivers will now get even closer to the real-world of motorsports.

“We have been working with Project CARS 2 for many months,” said Pirelli World Challenge President and CEO Greg Gill. “We believe that the opportunity for our Pirelli World Challenge fans to become fully immersed in their favorite cars and tracks experience will lead to new ventures that the fans and series can look forward to. We are excited for the introduction of the Project CARS2 game with our PWC cars in action.”
“Working alongside Slightly Mad Studios and seeing how their processes echo ours in many respects has been an interesting experience for us,” said Mario Isola, Pirelli Head of Car Racing. “Bringing our technical and sporting solutions to Project CARS 2 has been a unique challenge, and ensuring our tires in-game simulate our real-world tires was a key element in our technical relationship. Knowing Project CARS 2 drivers will feel the sporting technology that underpins Pirelli’s motorsport heritage is important to us.”

“Pirelli coming onboard during the development cycle of Project CARS 2 yielded instant results for us,” said Stephen Viljoen, Game Director on Project CARS2. “Comparing their data to ours using very similar processes meant we could get live comparisons, and could instantly see where our ‘in-game’ Pirelli tires were differing from the real tires. Matching their data to ours means we now have an incredibly accurate model of slip, grip, tear, heat, and dozens of other tire-related parameters, all of which will translate to even more authenticity for our drivers.”

Project CARS 2 Brings The Ultimate Driver Journey To Gamescom

Project CARS 2, 2017’s most anticipated racing game, comes to gamescom to deliver the ultimate driver journey with a grid-full of interactive and adrenaline-fueled activities.

The Project CARS 2 booth will host a free hands-on area with 30 playable PlayStation®4 pods, a Tournament Area with 6 CXC triple screen motion rigs, and a big-screen that will showcase live multiplayer racing from the booth (using Project CARS 2’s new Director Mode).

Fans will also be given a front-row seat as interviews with professional drivers, esports stars, and Project CARS 2’s development team, Slightly Mad Studios, will all be shown live on the big-screen.

The Project CARS 2 hands-on area, meanwhile, will give players of all abilities the chance to experience Project CARS 2’s authentic handling and raw, true-to-life racing on 3 tracks, and in 3 cars.

The McLaren showcase area is where the pleasure of the virtual meets the elegance of the real with the McLaren 720s–McLaren’s latest and ultra-rare supercar that comes first to Project CARS 2—offering a perfect setting for that ultimate car selfie.

The tournament area, free and open to all players, will invite players compete in a challenging environment for daily prizes.

The booth will also feature exciting, not-to-be-missed daily activities:

  • Giveaways–exclusive Project Cars 2 gear
  • Meet & GreetPro-players and Pro-driver showcase: come meet 5 world-renowned racing drivers who were intimately involved in the development of Project CARS 2: Nicolas Hamilton, Ben Collins(Top Gear’s ex-“Stig”), Daytona and Spa 24 Hour winner René Rast, and rallycross stars Oliver Eriksson, and Mitchell deJong.
  • Meet & GreetThe Development Team:  come meet the Slightly Mad Studios development team, who’ll be on-hand to answer your questions.
  • Project CARS esports World Final @ ESL Arena on Wednesday 23rd 16:00 CEST
  • DEVCOM Conference: come on Thursday, August 24th at 16:00 CEST, and join Nicolas Hamilton, Andy Tudor (Slightly Mad Studio), and YouTube star PietSmiet as they host a DEVCOM Conference discussing the development of Project CARS 2, and games in general.

Don’t forget to also drop in at the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment booth to register for local tournaments, and secure yourself one of the limited seats, amazing prizes, and exclusive rewards!

For the full Gamescom Stream schedule, follow this link:

Follow the live-stream at this link

And finally, don’t forget to watch the new trailer at this link:

Project CARS 2 Welcomes Ferrari To Its Virtual Garage

Slightly Mad Studios and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe are proud to announce the arrival of Ferrari for Project CARS 2.

Ten faithfully reproduced Ferraris will be included with Project CARS 2 when it is released worldwide on 22 nd September 2017, on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, XBOX One, and PC.
Ferrari has epitomized motorsports for over 70 years, and comes to the world’s most authentic racing game franchise with a series of historic, classic, and current models carefully chosen to represent the passion, the technology, and the glorious sporting history that defines the brand. Driving a Ferrari, the dream of any passionate motorsport fan, is now fully attainable in Project CARS 2. Charting half-a- century’s worth of Ferrari’s supreme creations, Project CARS 2 drivers will be able to push these 10 authentically-crafted Ferraris to their astonishing limits.Beginning with perhaps the most beautiful car ever to have raced, the Ferrari 330 P4 of 1967 (a photo of which was proudly displayed in Enzo Ferrari’s office from the day it claimed total victory at Daytona), through to Ferrari’s modern-day GT warrior, the 488 GT3, and via such iconic Ferraris such as the Ferrari 288 GTO of 1984 (the first supercar to hit the 300km/h barrier), the F40LM of 1989 (the GT version of the first supercar to reach 370km/h), and all the way through to Maranello’s current hypercar, LaFerrari, Project CARS 2 drivers will soon revel in the cars and history that have made Ferrari the world’s most aspirational car brand.

“Curating and selecting Ferraris from over 70 years’ worth of motorsport history was both a challenge and a joy,” said Stephen Viljoen, Game Director on Project CARS 2. “Our fans’ number one request after Project CARS 1 was to bring Ferrari to our game. We’re proud and really excited to have managed to bring this legendary brand to the franchise. Recreating their handling and legendary performance was a top priority for us.”


“Having Ferrari in Project CARS 2 is fantastic news for our drivers,” said Andy Tudor, Creative Director at Slightly Mad Studios. “But it also comes with its own unique set of challenges. With so much pedigree and expectation, getting the feel of these Ferraris right, in-game, was a massive responsibility for us. Fans and drivers of both Project CARS 2 and Ferrari expect something special, they expect the cars in-game to echo all the hallmarks of what it is to drive some of Maranello’s greatest-ever cars. We can’t wait to get our drivers into these Ferraris and let them experience what we’ve achieved. These cars are truly special.”


The Ferrari 330 P4, 365 GTB4 Competizione, 288 GTO, F40 LM , F333 SP, F50 GT, Enzo, 488 GT3, 488 GTE, and LaFerrari will come with Project CARS 2 on September 22, 2017 for the PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC.

Digital Pre-Orders Now Available For Project CARS 2

Beginning today, Project CARS fans can get their hands on digital pre-orders for 2017’s most anticipated racing game, Project CARS 2, this in addition to the physical pre-orders announced on May 9th. Gamers will now be able to choose between two editions when pre-ordering their digital edition of Project CARS 2:



Beginning today, Project CARS fans can get their hands on digital pre-orders for 2017’s most anticipated racing game, Project CARS 2, this in addition to the physical pre-orders announced on May 9th. Gamers will now be able to choose between two editions when pre-ordering their digital edition of Project CARS 2:

  • STANDARD EDITION: Includes the full game, plus the exclusive Japanese Cars Pack that features 4 cars from iconic Japanese manufacturers Honda and Nissan—the Honda Euro Spec Civic Type-R, the fastest hot hatch to have ever lapped the Nordschleife; the thrill-a-second Honda Project 2&4 with its stratospheric redline at 14,000rpm; the original and one-and-only “Godzilla”, the Skyline GT-R (R32) Group A; and the brutal and raw twin-turbo V8 Nissan 280ZX IMSA GTX.
  • DELUXE EDITION: Includes the full game, and the Japanese Cars Pack, plus the Season Pass (that includes all 4 additional contents that will enhance and extend the overall Project CARS 2 experience after release), as well as the Motorsport Pack  that includes 4 enthralling racing cars curated from 40 years of motoring history.

Project CARS 2 will be released on 22nd September 2017 for the PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC. Find out more and keep up-to-date at the official Project CARS 2 website:

New film ‘Project CARS 2: BUILT BY DRIVERS – “Porsche Passion” Featuring Patrick Long’ welcomes Porsche to the Project CARS franchise

Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco today revealed the second instalment of the six live-action films scheduled for this summer, all designed to showcase the “Built by Drivers” philosophy that underpins the development and authenticity of the Project CARS racing game franchise.

With the Porsche brand now proudly joining the franchise, Project CARS takes the definitive step in solidifying its reputation as the most authentic and technically-advanced racing game on the planet.
With many of the carefully curated Porsche cars in Project CARS 2 tested and approved by Porsche’s legendary factory driver Patrick Long, the fidelity of these motoring icons, both present and classic, race- and road-based, is assured.

The film, Project CARS 2: BUILT BY DRIVERS – “Porsche Passion” Featuring Patrick Long, follows three-time ALMS GT driver’s champion and class winner of both the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Rolex 24 at Daytona, Patrick Long, at home in Southern California, and at his world-renowned Luftgekühlt event in San Pedro, CA.The film documents how Long, the only North American employed as a factory racing driver by Porsche, tests the automaker’s in-game content in Project CARS while explaining the unique cultural significance of this elite German automaker.Along with Long’s storied association with Porsche, this film features all the digital creativity of cult automotive film-makers Donut Media, and showcases how Patrick Long’s passion and intimate knowledge for all things Porsche breathes life into the classic and modern Porsche cars in Project CARS 2.Porsche will come to the franchise for the first time in Project CARS 2 with 11 cars ready to deliver all the pedigree of one of the world’s leading brands along with the passion and intricate authenticity that is a hallmark of the Project CARS franchise.

Project CARS 2 will be released in late 2017 and will come with the following Porsche cars: the 911 GT1-98, 911 GT3 R (991), 911 GT3 R Endurance (991), 911 GT3 RS, 918 Spyder, 935/77, 935/80, 936 Spyder, 962C, 962C Langheck, and the Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

Project CARS 2 to get a series of 6 automotive action films “Built by Drivers” This must-watch automotive series for the summer of 2017 begins May 17

Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco today revealed a series of 6 live-action films that will showcase the “Built by Drivers” philosophy that underpins the development and authenticity of the Project CARS racing game franchise.

These 6 new films, to be released throughout the spring and summer of 2017, will reveal intimate behind-the-scenes looks at how world-renowned race- and test-drivers develop the in-game handling and feel of the vehicles in Project CARS 2.

The first film, to be released on May 17—‘Project CARS 2: BUILT BY DRIVERS – “As Close As It Gets” Featuring Chris Goodwin’—showcases the development of the new McLaren 720S. The film charts the painstaking process behind the supercar’s in-game development by McLaren’s chief test-driver, Chris Goodwin. Ultimately, it is only Goodwin who can sign-off on the in-game handling of the 720S, and that means technicians from around the world flying in for one final, crunch test-session: Will Goodwin sign-off on “his” car?

Project CARS 2: BUILT BY DRIVERS – “As Close As It Gets” Featuring Chris Goodwin’ was filmed in location in London and at McLaren’s Technology Centre by Outrun Films, specialists in automotive and action features, and the makers of “McLaren 720S Reveal”, and the brutal “Nürburgring & Bentley Racing”.

These 6 live-action films document the close relationship between the Project CARS franchise and racing stars such as Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner, drifting legend Vaughn Gittin Jr, as well as with automakers such as Mercedes-Benz.

“Scanning cars down to the last bolt, and inserting their unique builds into our state-of-the-art physics model is just phase one in making our racing games,” said Stephen Viljoen, Game Director on Project CARS. “In the end, we can get the ‘numbers’ right, but the feel and balance of a car—that intangible thing that brings a car to life—can only be measured by drivers; drivers who have spent their careers around those very cars, pushing them to their limits. Our relationship with drivers isn’t about ‘brand ambassadors’: it’s about how we engineer cars to feel right. ‘Built by drivers’ is how we go about ensuring authenticity.”

Combining in-game footage, intimate looks at the star drivers, and the unique story-telling gifts of film-makers such as Donut Media and Outrun Films, these 6 films will be must-watch automotive content for the summer of 2017.