* Porsche Carrera GT 2004 as seen in Project CARS 2

Our Mission Statement


* Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 2.8 as seen in Project CARS 2


When it all began two decades ago, SLIGHTLY MAD STUDIOS was a small group of passionate individuals working from home. Now we are a large group of 160 individuals―working from home. From Singapore to Vancouver, London to Berlin, between ten time-zones encompassing 24-hours of every day, and engaging dozens of languages and cultures and project-portfolios as diverse as AAA-games to autonomous AI, we are a world of disparity unified by a common goal: to create immersive, authentic simulation that inspires confidence and emotion.

Talent is global, and as a technology company, we don’t build walls―we build connections.

* Aston Martin DB11 as seen in Project CARS 2


It’s no coincidence that our most prolific and successful games came about as a result of working directly with our community. Project CARS is, after all, a “Community Assisted Racing Simulator”. We not only grew up with the community, we grew from the community; our talented people, our inspiration, innovation, and conscience―all of it comes from the wellspring of the online community.

Our responsibility is to remain true to our core values that echo those of our community. Technology has narrowed our world and simultaneously opened it up to new voices, markets, ideas, and opportunities. Listening to what our community and our customers need and want has always defined our path.

This commitment to our community also means we must pay-it-forward.

* Porsche RSR as seen in Project CARS 2


Slightly Mad Studios is emboldened by its history. We began life as a group of modders with a deep passion for motorsport, a unifying vision for what simulation should be (and was not), and a belief that work, dedication, talent, inspiration, and know-how could smash every glass ceiling.

In our past is the reflection of all we do today: from a bedsit to a Top 100 Studio, from modding games to creating our own IPs, from licensing off-the-shelf software to designing our own bespoke MADNESS engine that powers our games and our business applications, we know what it takes to break through the noise.

Our inspired vision, our committed team of professionals, our respect for our community, our clients, our partners, and our processes―these are the foundations that guide our every decision.

* Citroen DS 3 as seen in Project CARS 2


Our global community, interlinked and noisy, messy and uncertain, is alive with possibilities. Part of the magic of the studio is its unwavering belief in its people―it’s why we have one of the lowest turn-overs you’ll find in any studio, anywhere. We don’t hire staff―we hire people, the vast majority of whom work remotely out of every conceivable corner of our connected, raucous world. With so many cultures, influences, languages, and ways of seeing the world, what holds our centre together? It all hinges on transparency. Every single facet of our production, every element of our development, is housed in one central forum that dates back to the very start of the studio. Here, in this forum, is where our people have open and direct access to every project’s core, with each individual’s voice guiding us forward. It’s a slightly mad way of doing things, having our media team suggesting development budgets, and AI-specialists suggesting marketing strategies, but in echoing our messy and uncertain, interlinked and noisy world, we find that ideas, as mad as they sometimes are, can often be just a refinement away from fueling our future.

* Jaguar XJ200S as seen in Project CARS 2


Today, our games and our technology combine two aspects that are integral to our studio―simulation and immersion. In our games you will find precise simulation allied to immersive qualities that drag our players into the world we have created for them.

In our business applications, you will find the self-same precise simulation allied to the immersive qualities that place you and your clients precisely into your world.

From a launch product for the Oculus Rift VR-system to future-proofing auto-manufacturers’ products, from real-race-driver testing rigs to innovative AAA-games, our work echoes our core values―accurate simulation that mirrors the world we are simulating.

In our games and business applications is reflected the values of our community, the commitment of our people, and the technological expertise that underpins all that we do.