New Short Film Documents The Inspiring Story Of Nicolas Hamilton

New Short Film Documents The Inspiring Story Of Nicolas Hamilton

The Inspiring Story Of Nicolas Hamilton

Slightly Mad Studios today released a new short film, “Inspired to Drive”, the inspirational story of how a young man with cerebral palsy used simulated racing technology to develop the skills needed to become a real-world race car driver.

Nicolas Hamilton was born with cerebral palsy and spent most of his early years in a wheelchair. He also had a dream—to one day be a professional race car driver, like his older brother, three-time Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton.

The short film “Inspired to Drive” charts this inspirational story of how a kid who was born with a disability that severely impacted his ability to walk, much less control a car on the limit, went on to train for years on a simulator in order to achieve the impossible dream: that of becoming a real-world racing driver.

The film was shot on location in Los Angeles, California, at CXC Simulations—a high-end engineering firm that has revolutionized personal racing simulation equipment—as well as on location in London. The film was produced by the innovative automotive filmmakers, Donut Media.

Nicolas’s career has gone from strength to strength since that debut in the Renault Sport Clio Cup; with his specially modified car, he has raced against the best in the European Touring Car Cup, and British Touring Car Championship. His understanding and keen knowledge of the racing world has become much sought after; when he’s not pulling a fireproof balaclava over his head, his unique skill-set is used by motorsport simulation studio Slightly Mad Studios (makers of Project CARS) as their Handling Consultant.  And on any given Sunday, Nicolas can be seen on TV as an official pundit for Channel 4’s coverage of the world’s most watched motorsport series, Formula One.