Online programmer

Online programmer

General responsibilities for the role include:


  • Take an active part in the game design process working with designers and other development departments
  • Turn game designs into technical specifications and implementing resulting code
  • Work with other programming teams to interface with all project subsystems, including gameplay, UI,and physics
  • Contribute to technical design documents and knowledge base
  • Test and refine Online-connected features during the development process



  • At least five years C++ coding experience
  • Comfortable with console programming API’s to compliance requirements
  • A strong understanding of network sockets and reliable/unreliable protocols
  • Familiarity with P2P and client/server packet handling and latency/packet-loss mitigation
  • Experience in programming standard multiplayer features (matchmaking, leaderboards, friends etc)
  • Good debugging skills
  • The confidence to complete work to a high standard and on time
  • European location

Additionally, experience with any of the following will be considered an advantage:


  • Familiarity with client/server programming concepts
  • Java server programming, server scalability and deployment
  • PHP programming, HTML / CSS
  • Databases (primarily MySQL)
  • Linux and cygwin scripting
  • Anti-cheat systems

Soft skills requirements:


  • Excellent communication, time-management and organisational skills
  • Self-motivation