Production Assistant

Production Assistant

Full-time, UK-based, potentially work-from-home.

At Slightly Mad Studios, we have been creating some of the world’s most beloved and successful games for close to two decades. We’ve established a leading AAA-franchise with Project CARS, and we’re now actively pushing the studio even further in a number of exciting new projects. And right now, we’re midway through something a bit different: think action-adventure, think blockbuster, think awesome. As we ramp up towards getting this thing in a box, there’s no let-up in terms of what needs doing, and we’re looking for a talented young Production Assistant to help us handle the pressure.

General responsibilities and requirements include:

  • Helping track planned work, making sure that the dev team is not blocked.
  • Help discipline Leads prioritise and plan work for upcoming milestones.
  • Capture and track feedback from both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Help prioritise work, both planned and ad hoc.
  • Help to plan and execute QA and localisation phases.
  • Assist project leadership with other tasks as and when needed.
  • Familiarity with industry standard production tools (particularly JIRA), and Microsoft Office / Google packages (or similar) a must, as well as the ability to pick up new tools quickly.

Slightly Mad Studios is built from the ground up to support remote workers. It’s not a working style that suits everyone, but for those who are self-starters and have a passion for their work, it’s also a great way of getting things done.

That being the case, the following soft skills will stand you in good stead:

  • Trust: You will be working from home in a primarily online work environment. We’re built to support distributed development and it is part of our DNA which means our methods are designed to maximize efficiency.
  • Communication: Being able to communicate with your team is vital.
  • Flexibility: You will be able to quickly fit in with a company that enjoys a mature and well-defined culture.
  • Diplomacy: You’ll know when to stand your ground, and when to give a little.
  • Agile but grounded: Sometimes things go according to plan, and sometimes things are last-minute. You’ll be able juggle both.
  • Psychology: One size doesn’t fit all. You’ll know how to get the best out of your colleagues, and how best to motivate and use their talents within defined projects and time-frames.
  • Motivated: Working from home, or remotely from the rest of the company, isn’t for everyone. You need to know what this style of work entails. Self-starter, self-motivated, passion for your job, and a love of making games is important, but the maturity to get the job done no matter what is vital.
  • Car culture: It’ll be a benefit if you’re a petrol-head, or a genuine fan of car culture, or a follower of motorsport.