London office based


At Slightly Mad Studios, we create some of the very best racing games out there. We’re currently hard at work on a variety of projects, and have identified a need for a strong QA Tester to come in and help us make sure our titles are bulletproof.


Good QA is a science, and we’re looking for someone who’s incredible ability to break stuff is matched by their peerless reporting ability. We need you to be that rare mix of gaming talent, communication, team-play, and flexibility.


General responsibilities and requirements include:


  • You have at least 12 months’ mobile testing experience.
  • You’re an avid enthusiast for games on all platforms.
  • You have peerless analytical skills and a keen eye for detail.
  • You have excellent communication and reporting skills (yes, we will be trawling your CV for spelling mistakes…).
  • You’re a flexible self-starter, as happy to execute a daily test plan as you are creating value when at a loose end.
  • You’ll liaise with colleagues both internally and externally, generating best-practice bug reports for our software.
  • You’ll work out of our London-Bridge-based office as part of our in-house QA Team.


In addition to that, the following soft skills would be a benefit:


  • Flexibility: be able to quickly fit in with a company with a mature and well-defined culture.
  • Diplomacy: you’ll know when to stand your ground, and when to give a little.
  • Agile but grounded: sometimes things go according to plan, and sometimes things are last-minute. You’ll be able to juggle both.
  • Car culture: it’ll stand you in good stead if you’re a petrolhead, or a genuine fan of car culture, or a follower of motorsport.