All of our programming roles require strong C++ skills and at least five years of video-game industry experience is essential.

To do this role, you will need to:

  • Be a team player
  • Be able to resolve conflicts and solve problems
  • Be able to multitask
  • Be creative and innovative

General Requirements for all coders include:

  • Shipped at least 2 games as rendering engineer
  • Relevant experience working on AAA titles, current and next-gen consoles
  • Mastery of C/C++, with excellent multi-threaded programming techniques.
  • Strong understanding of 3D rendering algorithms and related mathematics.
  • Excellent knowledge of DirectX and OpenGL.
  • Excellent knowledge of HLSL/Cg.
  • Fluency in Assembly and SIMD programming.
  • Deep understanding of low-level optimizations and core subsystems, memory management, cross-platform development.
  • Expertise on at least one major platform
  • Experience using game development frameworks and middleware.
  • Self-direction, focus, results-oriented thinking, resourceful problem-solving skills.
  • Strong communications skills.
  • Mobile Rendering Experience

Responsibilities include:

  • Balancing deadlines and resources, prioritising tasks, meeting deadlines, and making tough decisions when necessary
  • Profile and maintain existing game code
  • A deep understanding of and appreciation for the entire development process, with knowledge of agile project management methodologies
  • Managing internal and external dependencies in conjunction with the other game development disciplines, and adapting work accordingly
  • Profile and maintain existing game code
  • Work with the Technical Director, department leads and programmers to design the game code and contribute to technical design documents
  • A willingness to get involved in content creation pipelines and processes
  • Good debugging skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Excellent communication, time-management & organizational skills

In addition to the above, applicants for render programming roles require a keen interest in visual quality and experience of implementing visual effects into game code is essential. Experience of the following areas are useful but not essential:

  • DirectX
  • PS4 and Xbox One rendering
  • 3D space, matrices and related mathematical concepts (dot and cross products etc)
  • Optical effects such as specular reflections, Fresnel effect, diffuse lighting, and the mathematical methods they require.
  • Real time shadowing methods, including shadow cascades, soft shadows etc
  • Scene graphs, spatial partitioning, occluders, static and dynamic level of detail
  • Optimisation methods, including use of performance analysis tools such as PIX, GPAD etc
  • Different types of renderer structure, e.g. forward, deferred lighting, deferred rendering, forward plus.

Competitive salary DOE