Tools Programmer

Tools Programmer

This role requires strong C#/C++ skills, 3D games development experience and, at least, five years of industry experience is essential. General responsibilities and requirements include:

• Work with the Technical Director, department leads and programmers to help with tools design and programming, including debugging and maintenance of existing tools
• Good debugging skills
• Self motivation
• Excellent communication, time-management & organisational skills
• Working closely with other team members to Writing and maintaining tools documentation

In addition to the above a genuine interest in tools development is a must. Experience in the following would be an advantage:

• Automated build systems
• Web programming and Scripting
• Knowledge of game content creation pipelines and tools
• World Authoring Tools
• Experience with SQL
• Experience with HTML

Certain soft skills would stand you in good stead, too:

• Trust: be able to work from home regularly, and in a primarily online work environment. We’re built from the ground up to support distributed development, and it’s part of our DNA.
• Flexibility: be able to quickly fit in with a company with a mature and well-defined culture.
• Motivated: working from home, or remotely from the rest of the company, isn’t for everyone. You need to know what this style of work entails.