Vehicle Artist

Vehicle Artist

Core requirements include:

Experience modelling high-quality in-game vehicle assets.
Good experience with 3D Studio Max.
Experience with Photoshop, Substance Painter and JIRA a good bonus.
Skills with textures, animation, skinning and setting up data/runtime files a distinct advantage.


Core responsibilities include:

Modelling vehicle exterior + interior (high detail, 100k+ polys).
UV mapping (unwrapping meshes).
Modelling low poly LOD versions of high detail meshes.
Daily progress reports in our central forum.


Slightly Mad Studios is a built from the ground up to support remote workers. It’s not a working style that suits everyone, but for the right sort of mindset, it’s a great way to get things done. That being the case, the following soft skills would stand you in good stead:

Trust: be able to work from home regularly, and in a primarily online work environment. We’re built from the ground up to support distributed development, and it’s part of our DNA.

Flexibility: be able to quickly fit in with a company with a mature and well-defined culture.

Speed: you’ll be working with a well defined and mature pipeline. We expect you to get up to speed with it quickly.

Diplomacy: you’ll know when to stand your ground, and when to give a little.

Motivated: working from home, or remotely from the rest of the company, isn’t for everyone. You need to know what this style of work entails.

Car culture: it’ll be a benefit if you’re a petrolhead, or a genuine fan of car or plane culture, or a follower of motorsport.


Competitive salary DOE